10 Best And Popular Small Dogs That Are Good With Kids

Dogs make perfect pets for children. Most dogs are very loyal to children, and can also be very protective of them. Having a dog can teach a child respect toward animals and human beings, and teaches them responsibility as well. A child growing up with a dog is a very rewarding experience for both the child and the dog. Some dog breeds are traditionally known to be more kid-friendly than others breeds. Just like humans, each dog is different, and the level of kid-friendliness can vary even within the same breed. These are 10 popular small dog breeds, and known to be the best small dogs that are good with kids.

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beagles cuteBeagles love kids and kids love beagles. The absolutely adorable breed is rated one of the best for kid friendliness, and are also one of the most popular dog breeds. They’re a sturdy dog, and love to play and wrestle. One of their favorite games to play is tug-of-war. They thrive on attention, and children give them plenty of it. They tend to jump up on people sometimes, but this habit can be broken with proper training. Beagles are also friendly with other dogs and enjoy a fun day at a dog park to socialize and run. They’re gentle, cuddly, even-tempered and adaptable. They have a distinct howl known as the “beagle howl”. The breed leans toward the larger side as far as small dogs go, weighing 20-25 llbs and standing 13-16 inches. They have a lifespan of 11-15 years.



This cute little squishy, wrinkly faced dog is popular with kids. They’re sturdy and love to romp around and play. They love children as much as children love them. They’re docile and loving, and fairly quiet as far as dogs go. Pugs are a stable and even-tempered breed. They are excellent with other animals and love playing and socializing. They are a well behaved breed, and cuddly too. The breed makes a good companion dog or family dog. Pugs weigh 13-20 lbs and have a height of 10-14 inches. Their lifespan is 12-15 years.

Sussex Spaniel.

sussex spaniel Dog Breeds

This long eared little dog is rated very kid friendly. Also rated high in adaptability, the Sussex Spaniel is a great family dog. This is a calm breed, and is less outgoing than other spaniels. They make great companion dogs and like to relax next to you or in your lap. Due to their lower energy level, they make an excellent pet for a home with very young children. They’re a very happy and loving dog and are easy to please. The Sussex Spaniel is on the larger side of the small dog breed weighing 35-45 lbs and standing 13-15 inches tall.

Cardigen Welsh Corgi.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Corgi is a great sturdy dog for kids. They’re friendly and playful and kids love to play with them as much as they love to play with kids. The have a lot of energy and enjoy the attention they can get from children. The breed is highly intelligent and adaptable. They make a good family dog, and they’re devoted to their humans. If socialized at a young age, they’re also good with other dogs. This breed would enjoy a day at a dog part running around with other dogs and socializing. They weigh 25 to 30 lbs and stand 10-13 inches tall. They have a lifespan of 12-15 years.



This fluffy dog is rated one of the best breeds for kids. They’re small and cuddly, and love to play. They make a great family dog or companion dog. They have a quiet and gentle disposition and love being around their humans. This popular breed is responsive and interactive. The Havanese is very good with other animals including cats. They are highly intelligent and adaptable little dogs. They weigh 7-13 lbs and have a height of 8-12 inches tall. This breed has a lifespan of 13-15 years.

French Bulldog.

french bulldog breed

Bulldogs of all varieties are known to be very easy-going dogs, and are great with kids. They’re adorable with their wrinkled face and squished nose. The breed is very popular. They are strong, muscular, and sturdy, and love to romp and play with kids just as much as kids love to play with them. They’re extremely friendly and sociable toward everyone, including strangers. They’re highly affectionate and make a great family dog. The French Bulldog is well behaved and adaptable. The French Bulldog weighs 19-28 lbs and stands 11-12 inches tall. They have a lifespan of 9-12 years.

Boston Terrier.

boston terrier Dog Breeds

Rated as one of the best small dog breeds for kids, the Boston Terrier makes for an excellent family dog. They have an excellent disposition and are a very popular dog breed. They’re energetic and love the attention they get from children. They’re very gentle, well mannered and obedient. The Boston terrier is also very friendly with strangers and company. They’re a well rounded small breed. They love to feel as a part of the family and they thrive on attention. While they are lively and energetic, they also like time sitting in your lap. The breed weighs 10-25 lbs and stands 15-17 inches tall. Their lifespan is 11-15 years.

Border Terrier.

border terrier Dog Breeds

This breed is known for being kid friendly. They are small but sturdy, and they’re even tempered and playful. They have a high energy level that is suitable for children. The Border Terrier thrives on attention. This active dog is easily trained and intelligent. They aim to please are and extremely affectionate. This breed is agile and can often slip through narrow spaces. They need plenty of exercise and love long walks. The Boston Terrier weighs 11-16 lbs and has a height of 11-16 inches. They have a lifespan of 12-16 years.

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Lhasa Apso.

lhasa apso

This long haired breed does very well with kids. They’re playful and friendly, and are very assertive. They enjoy long walks and a nice brushing. The Lhasa Apso is friendly with other dogs and even cats. They are an independent breed, and sometimes like to do their own thing. They’re intelligent, adaptable, alert, and obedient and they make a great household pet. This breed weighs 10-13 lbs and has a height of 10-11 inches. Their lifespan is 12-16 years.



Also known as a Continental Toy Spaniel, this breed is highly intelligent and adaptable. They’re great with kids and they enjoy a lot of play time. Due to their small frame, supervision should be used when playing with very young children. This butterfly eared little dog is friendly and outgoing. They’re affectionate and love to cuddle, and they make good lap dogs. The Papillon weighs 7-10 lbs and has a height of 8-11 inches. This breed has a lifespan of 13-15 years.

Whichever dog you choose to add to your family, big or small, you will definitely be happy that you did. Dogs are friends for life!

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