7 Best Dogs for Kids

Many of us have fond memories of growing up with our family pets. However, when it comes to getting a pet for our children, we often hesitate. This is mainly because many individuals seldom know the benefits of raising kids around pets. When you have a dog in your house, even your youngest kid will start to learn some responsibility. The way you care for the dog, doing his chores, being gentle and kind, everything will influence your kids positively, teaching them valuable lessons about compassion and empathy.

In addition to creating some wonderful memories, having a dog in the house also serves some great purposes in terms of your kids’ physical health and also their emotional development. It has been found that children who are raised around pets are a lot less likely to become allergic to common bacteria as they get exposed to them at an early stage of their life. However, it is a fact that some kids are naturally allergic to dogs and other pets; therefore it is vital that you make sure your kids are not allergic to pets before you get them one. One other benefit of having a dog is that it reduces stress to a great extent, which benefits not just your kids but also you.

Now, if these benefits have convinced you to get a dog for your kid, but you are not sure about which breeds are best for kids, here is a list of the best dogs for kids that you should consider for your family.

The Bulldog


Well known for its loose jointed, straggling walks and short head, the Bulldog is known for its strength and calmness. This happens to be one of the most popular dog breeds for kids mainly due to their gentle and lovable personality and of course, their lovely wrinkles. Bulldogs may be piebald, red, white, fawn, or brindle. These dogs typically weigh anywhere between 50 and 55 lbs. and attain a height of 12 to 16 inches. As puppies, these dogs tend to be highly energetic, which makes them a great choice for your kids to play around. However, they slow down with age, which is also beneficial because as your children age, the dog will become calmer. When it comes to training, bulldogs have to be house trained and bonded right from when they are a puppy. With their pleasing temperament, this dog breed is one of the best for a kid’s pet.

Bichon Frise

bichon frise

This small dog breed is cheerful, lively, happy-go-lucky, and is capable of putting a smile on everyone’s face it comes across. Bichon Frise is a mischievous dog and always excels in expressing its love.  With its fluffy coat and round black eyes, these dogs look more like a kid’s toy and their sweet personality makes them ideal for families with kids. These dogs can also be raised in an apartment or condo, but they need to be engaged in physical activities on a regular basis to prevent any potential behavioral issues or from getting bored. As Bichons are known to shed relatively lesser than other breeds, it is easy to groom them as well. However, these dogs can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for longer periods. Therefore, before you choose this dog as pet for your kids, be sure that your schedule doesn’t demand more time away from home leaving the dog alone.


Compact and active, Beagles make great companions for adults and kids alike. In addition to being excellent hunting dogs, dogs of this breed are also funny, cheerful and cute. They are usually guided by their sense of smell and go behind new, interesting scents happily. Due to their stubbornness, you need to be patient and creative when training a Beagle. These dogs are excellent hunters of small game because they were originally bred for this purpose; therefore, don’t be surprised if you find a new hamster or rabbit in your house. It is fairly easy to care for this breed, and their gentle, loving and sweet nature make them one of the best dogs for kids.

Golden Retriever

golden retriever

Golden retrievers have been popular family dogs for years. Along with being friendly and energetic around kids, these dogs are strong and hard working as well. They are good at picking up commands and well behaved and hence can be wonderful companions for kids, teaching them a thing or two about personality and responsibility. These lively dogs mature slowly and therefore remain playful and silly until even three to four years of age, which would be extremely delightful for kids. As golden retrievers were originally bred for carrying out physically demanding jobs, these dogs require daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy. In general, this is a healthy breed, but their double coat requires regular brushing and happens to shed seasonally.

Labrador Retriever


Labrador retrievers were bred to be useful working dogs along with being good and friendly family dogs. These dogs are intelligent and gentle, and continue to be a popular breed of kids-friendly dogs. Labradors are usually available in three colors: chocolate, black and yellow, and their desire to satisfy their owner make them an outstanding choice for visually disabled, narcotics detection, and search and rescue operations. These dogs are extremely enthusiastic and energetic and love running around with children of different age groups. Labs require fundamental obedience training in order to make them feel welcomed in your family. Involving your kids during the process will help them develop a special bond with the dog. Labradors come with double coat which is known to shed seasonally. Their friendly nature and enthusiasm to please make them one of the most loved dogs for kids.



Also known as Newfie or Newf, Newfoundland is a working dog breed whose sweet personal temperament makes them best for kids. Newfies are excellent swimmers and love long distance swimming. Therefore, if you have a pool at home or happen to live next to water bodies, this is one dog that will love your home. Despite their large and strong body and looks, these dogs are extremely friendly and sweet, making ideal companions for kids and families. Their coat can be gray, brown, black, or black and white in color. The inborn goodness of Newfies is evident in their fondness for kids and they make wonderful nanny dogs. Their plush coat requires regular brushing and these dogs are quite active.

Bull Terrier

bull terrier white

Originally a fighting dog, bull terriers are strong dogs that grow up to 24 inches in height and 80 lbs. in weight. Despite their muscular build and rugged look, these dogs are extremely playful, friendly and clownish, and hence are perfect for kids. When it comes to training bull terriers, both pups and adults require socialization and obedience training. These dogs have short coats which make caring and grooming easy. Also, bull terriers are very active and require lots of exercise to remain healthy and prevent boredom.

Now that you know about some of the best dogs for kids, it should be easier for you to choose one for your home.

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