Best Looking Dog Breeds

We all know dogs are man’s best friend. There are hundreds of dog breeds, with each breed coming with its own distinct traits. When deciding which is best looking, it’s also important to put into consideration its temperament. The good news is that we have done that for you. This article will give you the right guidelines on choosing the best looking dog breeds to join you and your family.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky


The beautiful Siberian Husky traces its origins in Siberia and is a direct descendant of the oldest breeds of dogs, the sled dog. The Siberian husky looks like a wild dog or wolf. It has a thick coat when compared to most other dog breeds which is made of two layers. Due to the thick coat, this dog is able to withstand extremely cold winters temperatures to −76 °F or -60 °C. The dog’s coat comes in different colors.

In regard to its temperament and behavior, the Siberian husky can be described as a wolfish dog. He never barks, rather, he howls. These dogs are also known as escape artists because they can easily dig under a fence, jump over it or gnaw it and run away. They love roaming which can be traced to their ancestors.

They are great with children and they love being part of the family. However, it’s important to train your Husky as they can be extremely destructive when poorly trained. They love lots of space for roaming and require regular walks. This means that they will do well in a family with young kids as they love exercises to spend their excess energy. The Siberian Husky is loyal, obedient, fun and friendly. Their beauty and temperament puts them on this list of the best looking dog breeds.

The Great Dane


The Great Dane is popularly referred to as the miniature horse by people because they often weigh over 150 pounds when mature. They are a large breed that doesn’t mind children riding on them when they are fully grown. One may think their large size doesn’t make them good house dogs, on the contrary, they are calm and loyal dogs especially when they get out of the puppy stage. They enjoy the attention they get from children and do not mind rolling around the house with kids.

However, the Great Dane is quite an emotional dog and is very sensitive to what their owner feels. If you seem upset or use a harsh tone around them, they will become emotional as well. The Great Dane will not fail to announce visitors with its deep resounding voice, but their guarding instincts differ. Some Great Danes are friendly to everyone who turn ups, some are a bit overprotective, while others are extremely skittish.

To improve their confidence and encourage a stable temperament, young Great Danes should be taken outdoors frequently. They come in different color varieties.

The Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard dog

The Saint Bernard is a huge, sluggish dog. He is extremely friendly when around children, although younger children should be monitored when around him – he doesn’t realize he is too bulky to hurt the child. They are very brainy and it’s rumored that they can sense when an avalanche is about to occur. This dog needs daily exercise like long daily walks with frequent occasions to stretch out so that it stays fit. He loves to walk in the snow, and enjoys carrying a backpack or pulling a cart.

Attention is of high priority to this dog breed and when left alone for too long, he becomes destructive. Saint Bernard’s are relaxed and loving to everyone, but since he is such a big dog, he needs to be taken outdoors regularly when young so that he learns to trust people. They come in basic colors with long hair that’s prone to shedding.


Maltese Dog

The Maltese is a popular companion dog. It’s small, loyal, cute and fierce. Maltese have a white fluffy coat that doesn’t shed. These dogs don’t have undercoats and the color is often white which is long and silken, although their owners prefer trimming it.

Maltese dogs are not child friendly because small children can hurt them when playing. Therefore, it’s recommended to have a Maltese dog in a home where the children are older. Although the Maltese has a small body frame, he is brave and fearless and is known for attacking dogs that are ten times bigger than him. This is why anyone who owns a Maltese should train him properly so that he doesn’t get into trouble.

French Bulldog

french bulldog

The French bulldog loves being close to its owner and in most cases, it’s almost impossible to prevent them from cuddling with you in bed. Any person who has ever owned the Bulldog knows how stubborn this dog can be. They are bold and love a calm and quiet environment. Bulldogs are almost silent, and will bark only when necessary. At times, their owners may go for days without hearing the voice of their dogs.

Although bulldogs will generally get along with almost anyone, they have a tendency to pick one person that they can be attached to. These dog develops a strong attachment with its primary caregiver. They thrive on lots of love and attention. They hate being left alone for long periods of time so this is not a dog you can ignore for extended time. The bulldog is a companion dog so it needs lots of attention from its owner.

When it comes to training, one needs to have a firm voice with so much patience and persistence. The breed is headstrong. However, as willful as it may, never be tempted to hit your Bulldog because it will not respond to this and often, will rebel.

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If you are thinking of getting a dog, always bear in mind that no matter how big, shaggy, small, slow, playful or smooth-haired, all dogs makes excellent companions. Enjoy their friendship and remember, they require lots of attention and care to be happy.

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