Blue Diamond Dog Food Review

Who are the manufacturers of Diamond dog food?

Diamond dog food is made by Diamond pet foods Inc, a company owned by Schell and Kampeter Inc. This is a US based food manufacturer that has plants based in different parts of the US such as South Carolina, Lathrop, California, Meta, Missouri and Gaston. It’s a family owned and privately run enterprise that’s solely managed by Kampeter and Schell family. The company was established in 1970 and it has since grown over the years.

Diamond dog food recalls and quality issues

Areas that have been affected by diamond food recall
Diamond has a long history of pet food recalls as a result of aflatoxins, concerns about Salmonella and quality issues since 1999-2008. There are lots of food formulas by Diamond for both dogs and cats listed in the FDA pets food recall list. A lot of their loyal consumers have since lost confidence in their products due to their numerous recalls. Most of the foods that were recalled have been discontinued by the company including those that positively tested for aflatoxin. To be sure that the food you are feeding your dog is safe, it’s recommended that you regularly check the FDA pet food recall website. This goes a long way in helping you remain aware on the latest food recall information for the wellbeing of your dog.
Still, Diamond manufactures dog food for several other brands such as Tractor Supply’s 4Health, Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance, Canidae among others.

After these cases of recalls, Diamond now claims that they carry out 151 quality checks to ensure their products are of the highest quality. But as recently as 2012, Diamond recalled some dog foods that involved the Diamond naturals after their South Carolina brand was linked to a Salmonella outbreak. This recall also included foods that the company co-packs for other companies.

Ingredients in Diamond Foods

Diamond dog food formulas are available in Diamond classic and Diamond naturals. Diamond classic formulas comprise of corn being among the top five ingredients. Most of these Diamond classic formulas also contain soy, wheat and corn being higher concentrations of their ingredients list. The Diamond natural formulas on the other hand do not contain wheat, soy or corn. Diamond naturals are mainly made up of carbohydrates as their major ingredient making them quite heavy in grains.

Diamond dog food Allergies

dog feeding on blue diamond food
The Diamond classic formulas contain wheat, corn and soy ingredients which makes it a bad choice for dogs that have sensitive digestive systems or those with allergic reactions to the above ingredients. When you are feeding your dog Diamond food, it’s important to first check the list of ingredients used, especially if your dog has special diet requirements.

Top 5 ingredients in Diamond Naturals Adult Lamb Meal and Rice

blue diamond-dog-food

Lamb meal: although some people might think that whole lamb would have been the better ingredient, lamb meal is the more concentrated version of lamb, with higher amounts of protein found in the entire lamb. Most of the moisture is almost removed. As a meat protein, it makes a wonderful dog food ingredient.

Peas: peas provide a rich source of carbohydrates and just like all legumes; they contain lots of natural fibers and proteins.

Ground rice: the amount of rice in this dog food formula is about 7% protein, 89% carbs and 4% fat. It makes a good source of Manganese and Folate. White rice is considered to be a higher glycemic food and when it’s ground, it will be higher so this ingredient will give your dog energy faster. Many dogs can tolerate rice and it makes them full after eating. As long as the rice is well cooked and properly prepared, your dog should be able to easily digest it.

Cracked pearled barley: barley contains a lot of soluble fiber even when it’s polished and processed. It’s a low glycemic food so it easily broken down and slowly releases sugar into the dogs bloodstream. If your dog eats barley, it will feel fuller for longer. Barley contains about 90% carbs, 3% fat and 7%protein. It’s an excellent source of dietary fiber and Manganese.

Chicken fat: it’s usually preserved with mixed tocopherals. Chicken fat is a great ingredient in every dog’s food. Although its 100% pure fat, it’s concentrated in omega 3 fatty acids and very high in omega 6 fatty acids. Dogs that spend lots of their energy can highly benefit from a diet that contains chicken fat.

What is the quality of the ingredients used?

diamond-dog food
From our analysis, the overall quality of ingredients seems great. The lamb meal is a great protein source. Apart from the rice, the food contains a lot of other highly nutritious carbs which are from the less common grains so if your dog has problems with grains, they might be able to tolerate this food. Its source of animal fat is chicken, preserved with vitamin E and good sources of fiber. Further, the food uses chelated minerals which are fine.

Our worries
The only thing we are worried about is the flaxseed especially for dog breeders. There are lots of rice in the food and other sources of carbs but the food comes labeled as lamb meal and rice which of course is no surprise.
Guaranteed Analysis
• Crude Fiber ….. 4.0% Maximum
• Moisture ….. 10.0% Maximum
• Crude Fat ….. 14.0% Minimum
• Crude Protein ….. 23.0% Minimum
• Vitamin E ….. 150 IU/kg Minimum
• Omega-6 Fatty Acids….. 2.2% Minimum
• Selenium ….. 0.4 mg/kg Minimum
• Omega-3 Fatty Acids ….. 0.4% Minimum
• Zinc ….. 150 mg/kg Minimum
This dog food provides enough crude protein which is even above the governments recommendations. However, for a premium food such as this, it’s a bit on the lower side. The amount of fat is also healthy for your dog and it’s at par with what the government recommends.

Blue Diamond Dog Food Review and Reputation

Customer reviews of the Diamond brand dog food are a bit mixed. There has been bad press about the company and some dog owner’s avoid the company food at all costs while others have a fanatic love for the company’s products. The company manufactures some great foods and they also make some excellent pet foods for other companies. Due to their frequent food recall, the company says now they have put up extensive measures to check their foods before it leaves their plants and ensure it’s safe for your dogs’ consumption. However, any dog owner who buys their foods must be well aware of these alerts and be on the lookout for any problems that may arise when their dog consumes Diamond food.

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