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Peekapoo dog

Best Small Family Dogs

There are so many small dogs good with families, but getting the ideal family dog requires some extra research. Some people would argue that small dogs do not make the cut. But the truth is; there are some great small family dogs out there! Dogs and kids have been close since the beginning of time […]

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small dog food

Best Dog Food For Small Dog Breeds

Having a cute little dog to cuddle on your lap or shoulder and play around with your kids serve as wonderful moments. Only owners of small dog breeds would understand the happiness behind such instances. Many pet lovers nowadays tend to choose small dog breeds due to their adorable nature. What’s more important is to […]

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What Is The Yorkie Lifespan

The yorkie is an exceptional small dog that has its roots in Scotland, but was later brought in England. It is believed that the Yorkshier terrier dogs evolved from a combination of other common terrier breeds and are popular for people who are looking for small loving dogs. They are affectionate and most people refer […]

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volpino italiano

10 Cutest Small White Dog Breeds

Dogs come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. They’re fun to have around the house, and they make great family pets and companions. Some people have dogs for protection, others just for fun or company, and some have dogs for showing or entering in agility competitions. Dogs are typically chosen based on temperament, size, working […]

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Chihuahua with cloth

What Is The Smallest Dog Breed?

People choose small dogs for a variety of different reasons. Depending on your living situation, smaller dogs can be the right fit for your needs. Large dogs require more room and a big yard to expend their energy. Small dogs can easily romp around in an apartment or condo setting, and have plenty of room […]

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Cute Small Dogs That Stay Small

When considering bringing a dog into your family, some things that are important to think about when choosing size and breed are where you live, financial readiness, children, other pets, and the amount of people who are in and out of your home on a somewhat regular basis. I’m always hearing people talk about the […]

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