How to Choose Best Dog Food for Pitbulls? Pit Bull Dog Food Reviews

How to Choose Healthy Pitbull Dog Food?

Some might think most pet foods on the market today are refined and filled with preservatives, they are not any better for our canines compared to potato chips are for human beings. Nonetheless, unlike potato chips, pet meals actually have tighter regulations and pet foods needs to show it can offer all the nutrients required by the pet dog, cat, puppy, or kitten before it can be marketed. So just before your dog takes one more bite, read these suggestions on the best ways to find the healthiest food for your cherished pet.

Here are a few tips for you to get start:

Best ratios for a healthy diet of dogs are about 50% meat, 50% vegetables, wheat-free, grain-free and no cheap fillers.

  • Ensure protein sources are sufficient in the diet’s ingredient list.
  • Think deeply before making vegetarian dog food.
  • Be aware of artificial preservatives used in dog food.
  • Choose well-known Brand dog foods.
  • Make sure 100% natural foods for nutrition.

The Winners of Best Dog Food for Pitbulls Go to:

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1. Intimidator Jr. 31-20 Growth Plus Formula for Puppies, Dry Dog Food, 40 Pounds

image of Intimidator Jr dog foodThis fabulous meal, the diet regimen of super champion hunting pets and area test champions, is specifically formulated for young puppies from 0 up until 12-18 months of age. Produced for skeletal and muscular development, this meal is packed with healthy protein and fat from chicken and produces the attractive coat and bright eyes connected with champs. This extreme nutritional formula supplies new puppies 31 % protein and 20 % fat from chicken.

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2.  Victor Dog Food Select Multi-Pro Maintenance Pet Food, 50-Pound

image of victor dog food, winner of top dog food for pitbullThis is naturally developed canine food consist of minerals and vitamins and various other ingredients that interact to provide a strong immune and intestinal system. Just like all Winner pet dog foods, this formula is devoid of Corn, Wheat or grain, Soya or Glutens and is additionally used wholesome grains! This nutritionally well balanced food is formulated for Maintenance.

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What Is A Pitbull?

The term pit bull is a generic term used to describe dogs with comparable physical characteristics. Typically a “pit bull” is taken into consideration one of a several breeds featuring the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, or any kind of mix thereof. In some components of the world, the American Bulldog and Dogo Argentino are likewise identified as a “Pit Bull-type” dog, in spite of major genetic distinctions. Any sort of dog that is combined with a “bully breed” could also be called a “pit bull” consisting of those that are come down from the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier and Cane Corso. The pit bull is not a distinct breed which could make it difficult for professionals to decide, and while mixed breed pet dogs are often identified a “pit bull” if they have particular bodily characteristics such as a square designed head or large physique, visual identification of blended breed pet dogs is not suggested by the academic community.

Origin of American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ):

The origin of “American Pit Bull Terrier” was seen around the late 1800s. 2 popular groups of pit bulls and terriers were crossed to discover the far better one. Then they were being carried from England to America for fighting purpose. These pet dogs were then used as family animals and were trained to behave appropriately to their owners. They are used as functioning canines by planters. The genuine cut off in their numbers was prominently noticeable after World War 2. This dog is reproduced so that they would not react against people, because these dogs were utilized for wagering and fighting objective previously. In The United States it is retrieving a derelict, laid up and deserted breed.

Habitat of Pitbulls:

Produced in “United Kingdom”, the “American Pit Bulls Terrier” now found to be in 13 nations. The over generation of this species made a consecutive growth in the past. Now the habitat of the pit bulls for living mass stays silent because of competitors. But pit bulls are still fairly common in established nation.

Behavior of Pitbulls:

image of large pitbull“American Pit Bulls Terriers” are extremely creative canines. They are really devoted to consistently satisfy their proprietors. The APBT is a focus seeker to every stimulus in its understanding degree. Their tendency is to be aggressive with others. They have an extremely passive attributes to deal with their surroundings. This attribute makes them great watchdogs to detect everything. After 2 to 4 years, Pitbull will be totally mature and the behavior is more or less fixed at this point. In youth stage, they are beautiful, lively and excellent companions.

Diets for Pitbulls:

The healthy feeding suggestion for your pit bulls is to keep up a healthy diet for them. The dietary matches ought to be included for the best development of the pit bull. It requires a lot of water and physical exercise to stay healthy, balanced and in shape.

The addition of raw meals nourishment matters a great deal to the pit bull. You should give a complete mug of dog meals in the day time for lunch and appropriately for dinner. Along with dog meals you need to give table scraps and fresh meats to include extra nourishment. The carrot shavings, diced potatoes are great choices for the healthy and balanced diet regimen of the pit bulls.

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Raw Meat Diet for Pitbulls:

raw meat diet for dogsRaw Meat Diet is a diet where pitbull gets the majority of his nourishment from raw meat. Actually, a raw meat diet needs to be composed of 85 % meat and 15 % veggies. Your animal obtains several health and wellness benefits when eating a raw meat diet regimen, such as a cleaner intestinal tract, shinier coat and more powerful immune system. When introducing your pit bull to a raw meat diet, start slowly, try to feed it raw beef in tiny chunks. Steadily increase the quantity of raw meat till it’s getting the majority of its nutrition from the meat. Portions should be around 8 oz of meat per meal. Supplement meat with a side of veggies. Feed your dog a selection of veggies (like a little salad), anything from lettuce, potatoes, carrots or cucumbers will do. Avoid feeding your dog pork, considering that it has trichinosis, which can destroy your dog’s digestive organs. Raw salmon should also be avoided since it consists of liver fluke, a nasty virus that obliterates the liver. Most other meat products such as poultry, beef, and raw eggs are all outstanding options for a pit bull. We also recommend you take the raw meat diet a step further and use free-range, chemical-free, organic foods.

Dried Food Diet For Pitbulls:

image of dried dog food for pitbullThe dried food diet regimen is the simplest and most cost-effective method to feed a pit bull. The ideal dried meals for pit bulls can be found in the kind of a kibble and must be meat-based. Dried meals kibbles consist of a dried cornucopia of meat and vegetable items. When selecting which dried meals for your dog, try to find dried meals which contain human-grade products; as an example, the dried meals ought to include meat products that humans would certainly be pleased to eat, not thrown-away unappetizing scraps. Make sure that the dried out meals was kept normally and doesn’t have any sort of health hazard chemicals like BHT or BHA. Some dried food products were disclosed to contain such harmful chemicals and should be avoided.

If you are interested in dried food diet, here is a daily dried meal diet plan for a pit bull: 2 mugs of kibble, one in the early morning and one during dinner.

Natural Diet For Pitbulls:

The natural diet regimen is the most time-consuming diet since it involves determining specifically what your pit bull should consume. Every pit bull has different inclinations and diet wishes, much like humans. The health food diet plan, like the raw meat diet, provides the pit bull most of its nutrition from eating raw meat, with nutrition supplemented by a veggie side. The natural diet differs from the raw meat diet plan in that it takes into account the fact that not all pit bulls need the very same amount of healthy protein. If you dog favors beans, for instance, rather meat, make grains the major source of protein. The raw diet is about learning the best ways to give the finest dietary diet regimen for your dog through organic, chemical-free components the dog will happily consume. Pit bulls need a huge measure of healthy protein to endure their effective bodies, so if your dog favors an herbivorous diet regimen, make sure your pitpull have enough protein intakes. If you are not sure about what’s the best natural diet for your pitpull, it’s always an excellent idea to speak with a vet about a healthy natural diet regimen.


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