How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell On Dogs

Your dog comes home after sneaking all sprayed by a skunk. You are wondering what to do next since this has never happened and the house is all smelly. Relax. We have the solution right here. Even if your dog has never been sprayed by a skunk, every dog owner should know what they should do this happen to their dogs. I’m sure you have heard of so many skunk odor remedies such as tomato juice or vinegar, but do they really work? To be honest, they just cover up the odor and don’t completely rid your dog that smell. There are some products that are known to be perfect for the removal of skunk odor on your dog, but they may be so hard to find when your dog already has this skunk spray. You can get rid of skunk smell on your dog with just simple household items.

Skunk spray is really oily and has a sulfur-alcohol compound that is why it stinks. Not only does this spray smell so bad, it can result to temporary blindness especially if directly sprayed into the eyes. This recipe stirs up a chemical reaction that breaks up oils and neutralizes the stinky odor on your dog. The faster you are able to apply the solution on the fur of your dog, the faster they will be relieved and smell so much better.

how to get rid of skunk smells on dogs
Here is how to deal with skunk smell on your dog

Hlep! How to get rid of skunk smell on dogs!? Immediately you realize that your dog has been sprayed by a skunk, put on some rubber gloves and an apron and check for any scratches or bites. Be sure to check her eyes for any discharge or redness. If you discover there are some injuries, consult your vet before proceeding. Time is important here. The more you wait to start the process of de-skunking, the more difficult it may get to completely get rid of the stench. Get ready to bathe your dog outdoors and anywhere you find convenient in your home. If you are doing it indoors, be sure to open the windows. Smear some pea sized eye lubricant such as purabule or 1 drop of mineral oil to your dogs eyes. This works at protecting the eyes should any solution splash inside when you are cleaning your dog.

products for removing skunk odor on dogs
Take a plastic pail mix 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and teaspoons of liquid dish-washing soap. If necessary, add some lukewarm water. If you have a larger dog breed, you have to double or even triple the mixture so that it’s enough. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients. As you will notice, the solution will fizz since there is a chemical reaction that’s taking place. The solution should be used immediately. Do not store it for future use.

Do not wet your dog with water before you start bathing him/her. Start cleaning the areas that have been sprayed carefully, massaging deeply inside the dogs coat. You can use a wash cloth to clean or just your hands. Ensure you don’t pour the solution near the eyes or mouth as the hydroxide peroxide can burn them.

Lather the solution in the dogs coat and skin. Massage the solution on the dog for about 5 minutes or until all the skunk odor stops being strong.
Once the smell starts to get mild, completely rinse the dog and then repeat the entire process until all the odor goes away. You may have to repeat about 3 times, but it’s a really effective method that completely gets rid of skunk smell in dogs.
The last rinse should be extremely thorough so that no traces of the solution remain on the dogs coat and then dry your dog and give them a treat!

Points to remember

A dog and a skunkYou should never put the solution in a tightly closed container as there could be pressure build up which can result to the container bursting. This causes serious injuries to both you and the dog.

Avoid using higher hydrogen peroxide concentrations or substitute baking soda with products that you think are the similar. This alteration of chemical composition can lead to severe injuries to both you and your dog.
Ensure you only use fresh hydrogen peroxide, as it loses its concentration with time. If you are not sure of the freshness of your hydrogen peroxide, it’s better to get a fresh bottle.

This solution can also be used to get rid of skunk smell in clothes and any other fabrics. But it has some mild bleaching on some types of materials. Additionally, the coat of your dog may get lighter due to the solution. However, this will get better over time. Do not panic!
To prevent your dog from running into skunks, ensure skunks are not attracted to your home. You can do this by not leaving food outside and fallen fruits from any trees in your compound. Further, keep a close eye to your dog to prevent him from running into the woods when he is all alone.
All the best and I hope you and your dog never use this recipe!

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