What Is The Best Duck Hunting Dog? Our Top 5 Picks

Don’t we all love our dogs? We love them as pets and of course for the hunters, we love them as our hunting companions. Duck hunting dogs are really useful out there in the fields. Whether you are just starting your duck hunting hobby or a seasoned duck hunter who has accumulated so many dog breeds over years, this list of the best duck hunting dogs will surely expand your knowledge. It’s important to carry out enough research before purchasing your next duck hunting dog so that you can have tons of fun while duck hunting with your dog.

Although this dogs are born with an innate gene to learn to help you while hunting, they all require regular training to become the best duck hunting companions they can possibly be. Ensure before you buy a hunting dog you have the right information about the breeders. In most cases, the breeder will ensure both parents of the dogs have won several competitions as proof that their genes are worth transferring to other generations.

Labrador Retriever

 Labrador retriever
Just as their name suggests, retrievers make exceptional hunting dogs. Their physical features make them ideal for cold water hunting. They have webbed feet, a double coat for extra warmth and repelling water making them stay longer in even the coldest waters. Their compact muscled body provides easy balance and maneuverability while in the water.
Apart from being physically fit for duck hunting, labs are smarter than most other dog breeds. They mature faster than most other dog breeds which makes them easier to train from an early age. They can handle the learning curve such as performing blind retrieves and other complicated concepts involved in dog training at an early age. They are the perfect dog that can stay all day duck hunting and come home to play with the kids! Just make sure before you go hunting your dog is well fed so that it does not eat the duck after it has caught it.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog Breed
The only retriever that’s bred exclusively in the US and it’s extremely hardworking and functional. They were mainly used in plying the cold rough waters of the Chesapeake Bay on the market hunting days. They collected the waterfowls shot by hunters and they were also given the responsibility of taking care of the guns and gears used by the hunters. Chesapeakes are a bit solid built with a thick oily coat that resists the cold sea water and webbed feet for ease movement while swimming. They love swimming and will consistently jump into the cold water eager to catch some duck. Their determination makes them perfect for this tough task of duck hunting.
They are slow at maturing making them one of the toughest dogs to train. Dog trainers must be highly knowledgeable about this kind of dog and know when they are refusing to take command out of confusion or when they are just being stubborn. However, chessies are excellent duck hunting dogs and they will carry out all the necessary tasks even in the harshest conditions.

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer
German Shorthaired Pointer make great duck hunting dogs any time. You will need to start training your GSP dog when it’s a puppy so that it becomes an exceptional hunter. They are water loving dogs and they have a thin coat that repels the cold waters. They are trained to easily and quickly spot fowl in the water and point them out so that the hunter can see them and give the guns a chance to shoot at a good range.
German Shorthaired Pointers can be trained for both ground and water hunting. The GSP has a good nose and stamina to keep up with long hunting hours. Their physical attributes also allows them to quickly ascend and descend rugged hills when hunting on land and bear the harsh terrain and heat.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers make wonderful family and companion dogs. However, if you are getting one especially for the field and working lines, then we hope you can match their energy and speed. Goldens that are bred for the field are athletic and they can work together with their hunters for extremely long periods without getting worn out. They have a soft mouth that makes them excellent for fetching your duck without damaging it. They love diving into the cold sea waters and if well trained they make great companions in the hunting field.

Deutsch Drahthaar

A lot of people confuse this dog with a German Wirehair. Although they may look similar, they are two different breeds clearly separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Deutsch Drahthaar is bred and tested for different standards. This energetic dog breed is expected to search for any feathered and furred game from pheasants to wild boar, trail any blood and retrieve any type of game both on land and water and also protect their human companions. Its dark coat is waterproof and protects it from briars. This dog breed was created by crossing of other breeds such as Pudelpointer and Kurzhaar. A well trained Deutsch Drahthaar is a pleasure to behold when out in the waters bird hunting.

Do you have any other dog breeds that you think are great duck hunting dogs? Let us know in the comments below.

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